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Paint Booth

We Clean and Service Paint Booths!

DownForce Custom cuts ceiling filter media in house! This eliminates long lead times from standard vendors.
We also stock intake and exhaust filters for many popular booth brands.

Call today to get put on our maintenance calendar! We will track your maintenance schedule so you don’t have to!

The guys installing new paint booth filters.

The following is a list of common tasks performed when cleaning and re-coating your paint booth:

  • Clean pit
  • Powerwash grates
  • Powerwash or strip floors
  • Powerwash cabin
  • Scrape and clean both sides of glass
  • Change necessary light bulbs
  • Clean exhaust stack, fan and dampers
  • Recaulk seams
  • Change all filters
  • Apply booth coating
  • Verify proper operation of booth through all cycles
  • Check belts, ballasts and other components
  • And many other optional services!!